Hummels on Bayern move.

Mats Hummels has revealed why he chose Bayern Munich over a transfer move to a Premier League side.

The former Dortmund defender, who was linked with a move to Old Trafford, told German newspaper Suddeutsche Zeitung that a lack of Champions League football was the reason he moved to the Allianz Arena.

"Fundamentally, England, Spain and Germany were the relevant leagues I could see myself playing football in," the German defender said.

"But at this stage there just was not that one English club where the overall package was fitting.

"The overall package means: a club which fascinates me; a club I have always wanted to join, and where the sporting constellation is right, and which of course plays Champions League football next season.

"And because of the latter one club was ruled out, and you can envision which club that was."


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