John Terry reflects on Chelsea's Champions League exit.

Captain John Terry says he "didn't sleep a wink all night" after Chelsea's Champions League exit but he was relieved he felt that way because it showed his desire to carry on playing.

The Blues were knocked out at the last-16 stage of Europe's premier club competition, losing on away goals to Paris Saint-Germain after draws in both legs.

Terry won the Champions League with Chelsea in 2012 but did not play in the final due to suspension, and he told The Sun: "I didn't sleep a wink all night - but you know it would be horrible if I did.

"If I got home and went to sleep, for me something would be telling me, 'You know what? Time's up'. If you're not caring, something's gone.

"But I do realise as well that there's a game three or four days later and you have to pick yourself up, you have to go again. You can't dwell on it."

Terry was also effusive in his praise of Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho, who he credits for saving his career with a single phone call.

Back in the summer of 2013, the Chelsea captain's future at the club was in doubt after a season of being in and out of the team under caretaker boss Rafa Benitez.

But Terry revealed that, after it was confirmed Mourinho would be returning to Stamford Bridge as manager, the Portuguese phoned him, saying just the right things to inspire his skipper to rediscover the form and consistency that have anchored the Blues defence.

"He knows what buttons to press. He knows what makes me tick," Terry told The Sun. "And when he came back this time, I got that little phone call saying 'I need you to hit the ground running. People have written you off'."

It is this ability to handle individual players differently so as to get the best out of each of them that marks Mourinho out in Terry's eyes as the best manager in the game.

The 34-year-old defender also believes Mourinho has a ruthless streak in his drive to succeed - as evidenced by the selling of key players since returning to the club in 2013.

"He wants the best out of everyone on a daily basis," the 34-year-old added.

"You look at some of the world-class players we've had - Juan Mata, David Luiz - players like that who've left the club. He's seen something - I don't know what - to let those big players go.

"He makes big judgement calls and gets them right.

"He also knows when players take their foot off the gas. He can sense something before the game. He just gets a feel for everyone and every single game. And I look at that and think no-one else that I've experienced as a manager has got that."

That desire to perform for his boss is paying off for Terry. Mourinho seems happy that his skipper can keep going for another season and the centre-back is expecting to soon sign a further one-year extension to his contract to stay at Stamford Bridge for a 21st year.

Source: Sky Sports

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