John Toshack: Liverpool never recovered from Premier League title collapse.

Former Reds striker John Toshack is convinced Liverpool are still suffering the effect of their Premier League title collapse a year ago – as he said ‘things aren’t getting any better at the moment’.

The Merseyside club were close to sealing their first league title in over 20 years, as they were top of the table with the championship in sight.

But, lost the chance of becoming Premier League champions after their 3-0 lead at Crystal Palace in the 2013/14 season was clawed back by the Eagles.

However, Toshack doesn't think Brendan Rodgers’ side - that finished in sixth place in the table last season - have forgotten how they ended that season losing out on the title, which Man City eventually won.

“It’s very unusual that a coach stays on when his backroom staff have been sacked,” he told talkSPORT “There’s something not quite right there.

“Liverpool have gone three years without a trophy, I don’t remember that happening in my time.

"Liverpool have still got a hangover from those three goals they conceded against Crystal Palace [last season].

“Incidents like that can make or break a player or manager. I don’t see things getting any better at the moment for Liverpool.”

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