Jose Mourinho: I had to Google 'Marouane Fellaini's brother' after Manchester United mid

Jose Mourinho's meticulous pre-match preparations ahead of Chelsea's match against Manchester United on Saturday were thrown into confusion after Marouane Fellaini's brother Mansour showed up at Chelsea's team hotel.

The Blues manager says the tall Belgian was at the forefront of his tactical plan ahead of the Premier League clash, which Chelsea won 1-0.

But when a man appearing to be Fellaini arrived at Chelsea's team hotel on the morning on the game, it led to an inquest into whether the 27 year-old would actually be playing.

Mourinho told reporters: "I came down in the morning and the doorman said, ‘Fellaini isn’t playing’ the doorman asked him, ‘What do you want here?’ He said, ‘I’m Fellaini and I’ve come to get tickets from my friend Eden Hazard’.

He continued: "This didn’t smell well for me. I go to Google on my phone and I put in Fellaini brother. The guy is the same.

"So I go with the pictures to the doorman. I say, ‘This one or this one?’ He looks, ‘This one’.

"F*** off, he’s the brother."

Source: London Evening Standard

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