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Kieran Tierney bemoans Arsenal 3-0 loss to Man City.

Kieran Tierney says "nothing went to plan" for Arsenal as they were thrashed by the Premier League's defending champions Manchester City on Wednesday evening.

In Arsenal's first game back since the shutdown, they lost two players to injury, had another in David Luiz sent off, and also conceded a penalty at the Etihad.

Pep Guardiola's Citizens secured a 3-0 home win on the night, thanks to goals from Raheem Sterling, Kevin de Bruyne, and Phill Foden.

"We've worked so hard the last few months and to have such setbacks so early on in a game is never easy, especially against a team like Man City," Tierney told

"But another disappointment is that you've not got fans out there either, so it's always a miss when there's no fans.

"Nothing really went to plan. That happens in football and you need to deal with it. Tonight we gave everything we could and things just went wrong at the wrong times. We just never recovered.

"It was hard. I thought in the first half, up until the goal, we were coping well with it. Obviously the goal right before half-time kind of deflates you a little bit.

"Going in at half-time at 0-0, you've got every confidence. Even at 1-0 we still had belief, and then the red card makes it harder as well. When people are moving positions, it's hard. A team like Manchester City are going to punish you with the ball."

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