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Klopp Praises Nottingham Forest's Progress Ahead of Premier League Clash

Liverpool's charismatic manager, Jurgen Klopp, took a moment to acknowledge the impressive strides Nottingham Forest has made in the Premier League since last season. Speaking about the English club ahead of their upcoming clash at Anfield, Klopp offered both praise and caution.

"In Germany, we always say the second year is more difficult than the first one," Klopp began in his press conference on Friday as BBC Sport quoted. "Steve [Cooper] has done a really good job, and I really hope, not for the game but for the occasion, that Divock Origi will be in the squad. I hope he’s fit [Origi] so the people can give him a little hello; he would deserve that definitely."

Divock Origi, a former Liverpool player, is a fond figure in the hearts of Liverpool fans, and Klopp's warm words reflect the respect he holds for his former player.

"Besides that," Klopp continued, "I don’t wish him a good game, that's clear. Besides that, a lot of options, a lot of different opportunities for him [Cooper] to pick from."

Klopp then turned his attention to Nottingham Forest's progress in the Premier League. "It’s a really big squad which is, for sure, a challenge to manage properly, but he is doing it without any noise, so it’s working really well."

The Liverpool manager noted Forest's ambition, saying: "I think it’s clear from Nottingham Forest; they want to stay in the league and then progress from there, and that is what they are doing at the moment in a super tricky Premier League."

He added a respectful warning about the upcoming match. "I know already it will be really tricky, the away game, especially last year when we lost, was a really hard day for us, but credit to Nottingham. I think that day we were the better team, but you couldn’t see it on the scoresheet because they just stayed in the game, and that is their biggest strength. Whatever happens, they will stay in the game, and in the moment they can score and punish you. We will be ready because it’s a tough one."

With Klopp's complimentary yet cautious remarks, anticipation for the upcoming match between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest in the Premier League grows among fans. Nottingham Forest's progress is evident, and Klopp's Liverpool will be prepared for the challenge.

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