Lampard expects Chelsea to perform in ‘tense’ Super Cup final against Liverpool.

The Blues boss predicts a tough match against Liverpool in the Super Cup.

Frank Lampard is expecting his Chelsea stars to put in a brilliant display against Liverpool in the Super Cup final on Wednesday.

Lampard, who replaced Maurizio Sarri following the Italian’s departure to Serie A side Juve, has told his Blues that he won’t accept "any excuses" when they take on the Reds in Istanbul tonight.

It’s obvious the former England midfielder is keen for his side to start winning games this season following their 4-0 defeat to Manchester United at Old Trafford over the weekend.

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"Going up against the team with the quality of Liverpool in a final is as tense as finals can be," Lampard told

“We have to give everything, because it's going to be tough.”

"Every player in there needs to be aware of the importance of the game to this club and we have to give everything, because it's going to be tough.

"It's going to be tough, but we cannot walk off the pitch and think, 'Oh, we could've done that' or 'We missed that opportunity' or 'We weren't quite ready' or make any excuses for ourselves."

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He added: "We need to be absolutely ready. It's a cup that the club desperately wants to win. I've never won it, a lot of players in there have never won it, so we have to give it everything.

"You can lose finals; they're very tough. But what you cannot do is lose it on the premise that we weren't prepared, or we didn't have that hunger or desire or everything you need to try and win a game of this magnitude."

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