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Liverpool defender Joe Gomez: The Lockdown has been a bonding experience.

Updated: May 28, 2020

Joe Gomez Liverpool bonding during the shutdown has been helpful.

Joe Gomez England star has taken the positives from the coronavirus shut-down. [Getty]
Joe Gomez England star has taken the positives from the coronavirus shut-down. [Getty]

Liverpool defender Joe Gomez has taken the positives from the COVID-19 lockdown, saying the occurrence has made Jurgen Klopp's squad a stronger unit.

The Reds resumed training last week at the Melwood base for the first time in two months, but they communicated through video links which has maintained the unity in the team.

"Yeah, I think so, because we've had to have communication in a different way; it's not been the standard come in and see each other by force every day," he explained to Liverpool's website.

"We've had to reach out as individuals and really stay connected by choice. That's when you grow fonder of each other and closer because it's been a tough time that we've come through together.

"It has been beneficial in that sense, that as a team we've been so connected and kept communication through the whole thing.

"I think having that time apart, to then come together again last week made it feel that much more special."

The England centre-half Gomez stressed that his teammates have been disciplined all through the coronavirus shut down, and they are all raring to go.

He added: "As a team, just seeing the lads already, everyone has kept that foundation of fitness.

"We obviously had a rigorous programme that the fitness guys set out for us and everyone stuck to.

"So it doesn't feel like we're starting from scratch, but I suppose because of the break we are. But everyone is raring to go and just enjoying the process."

Liverpool need just two wins to seal the Premier League title and it'll be their first league title in 30 years (since 1990).

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