Liverpool manager Klopp: We just want to win games.

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

The Reds beat Leicester City in dramatic fashion at Anfield.

Jürgen Klopp wasn’t sure his Liverpool side were going to secure a hard-fought victory over Leicester City at Anfield.

The Merseyside club continued their winning habits as they seal a 2-1 win over the Foxes on Saturday afternoon.

Sadio Mane broke the deadlock just before half-time but James Maddison responded for Brendan Rodgers’ team to make it 1-1 in the 80th minute.

The homeside took the lead again through James Milner from the penalty spot in the dying minute to make it 17 wins in a row for Jurgen Klopp’s Reds.

However, Klopp said he is more interested in winning games than breaking records.

When the German was asked if he reads much into Liverpool being able to win via a late goal, he said as quoted: “For me, after the 1-1 it didn’t look anymore like we are close to doing it, that’s how it is. How I said, the game calmed down.

“We got more control again and that helps obviously. I was not sure that we would win - how could I be? - but it did not feel that we will lose as well. How I said, a point against Leicester is not a catastrophe. We don’t go for keeping this streak kind of alive, we just want to win a football game and for this you have to respect all things.

“If winning eight games in a row would be easy then a lot of teams would have done it already, it’s not easy. In that league it is not easy, with all the opponents we had it is not easy. That’s really difficult and of course the boys have at least a bit of belief always because we experienced that now in our common past from time to time.

“But what kind of effort they put in a game like this, that’s exceptional, absolutely exceptional. I was asked already by a journalist about our defending, that it was not that good, but, to be honest, I saw a lot of games and I never saw a team defend Jamie Vardy better than we did today. 

“I think apart from the second half, when he had the situation with a long ball and Dejan could not be there immediately, apart from that I didn’t see that so far because with the way they play it’s really difficult to do that.

“Dejan and Virg with the two full-backs did incredibly well. So, a lot of good things lead to a result usually, if you have a bit of luck. I don’t see where we needed much luck because it was a penalty and I’m not sure how many more chances Leicester had to score.

“We don’t think we will win all the football games. We didn’t think before the game that we will win this, [but] we were ready for a fight. That’s it.”

On whether he thought the winning run was going to end after Maddison’s equalised for Leicester, Klopp replied“Everyone will feel it in the season that if you get a point against Leicester it will be a success for 95 per cent of all the teams. So in a difficult week like we had with a very intense game on Wednesday and a really strong opponent, Leicester City obviously doesn’t have to play [in midweek] - not yet, next year they will. 

“We start then with 60 exceptional minutes, the first half was exceptional, we put them under pressure, the energy levels of the boys is just incredible, how we do and do and do again. 

“The only problem we had was that we only scored one goal, and it was clear there will be a moment in the game where Leicester probably will come up a little bit because our energy level dropped. And for that, each goal you can score before helps massively [but] we had only one. 

“They came up, had more possession, when we had the ball we were not clear anymore - we lost easy balls and were passing these square balls. They didn’t even have to press, we just gave them the ball and they had their counter-attacks, which is a big strength of them.”

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