Louis van Gaal: Manchester United players are mentally alright.

Manchester United boss Louis van Gaal believes his players are mentally alright to score goals.

United have gone three consecutive games without a goal, raising concerns among fans.

Asked if the players' state of mind was responsible for their lack of goals, he said, reports Manutd.com: "I cannot see that. When I see their characters, I don’t think they have doubts about that quality. It can change in one match - let that be CSKA, because we need a victory."

Van Gaal also responded to the chants by United fans at Selhurst Park to attack.

"I think the right of the fans is always there [to voice their opinion]," he said.

"The first time that we were not the better away team was against Arsenal so I think they have seen it very good. They can sing that [attacking chant], but in the next game maybe they shall sing in another way.

"I have to hope we score against Moscow again because then we are talking in a different way."

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