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Mac Allister: Aiming to Reignite Liverpool's Title Hopes from Midfield

Mac Allister expressed his feelings about joining Liverpool, stating: "[It was] pretty special for me. I've been training and working really hard to get to this place. I try to be a better person and a better player every day, and I'm really happy and really proud of what I'm doing now."

He emphasised that the decision to move to Liverpool was made easier by the club's genuine desire for his services, saying: "It was easy [to move to Liverpool] because the club and the manager made it easy because from the first moment, they showed a real desire for me, and that was so important because in football, money is a big thing, but sometimes it's not the biggest thing."

Mac Allister also expressed gratitude towards the manager, Klopp, and the club, saying: "The manager [Klopp], the club showed a real desire, real interest, and I'm really grateful for that."

The addition of Mac Allister injects much-needed vitality into a Liverpool midfield that has lacked dynamism. Liverpool fans are optimistic that Mac Allister, along with Klopp's other signings, will reinvigorate the team's pursuit of the title after a year of being out of contention.

Mac Allister is eager to contribute to Liverpool's success, stating: "I want to help Liverpool win the league and qualify for the Champions League." He highlighted the team's ambitions, adding: "As every big team, you want to aim very high, we've got an important competition like the Europa League and then the Premier League, of course." He added, "We want to get this club back into the Champions League. So we have to aim very high and that's what we are trying, try to go step-by-step, win every game, and then the future we will see."

Regarding his playing position at Liverpool, the 24-year-old expressed his willingness to contribute defensively, saying: "I like it [playing in a deeper role], of course, I've got to defend a little bit more, but that's not a problem for me because I'm a team player."

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