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Maguire Finds His Form: Erik ten Hag Lauds Defender's Performance

Harry Maguire, the England defender, is making waves with his recent performances, impressing Manchester United's manager, Erik ten Hag. The centre-back has played a crucial role in the team's last two Premier League victories, and ten Hag is delighted with Maguire's contributions.

Maguire's recent form is a testament to his resurgence after a challenging period. In July, he was stripped of the captain's armband at Man United amid heavy speculation about a potential transfer to West Ham. However, recent displays have showcased a determined and focused player.

Speaking about Maguire's performance after Manchester United's 2-1 win over Sheffield United, ten Hag expressed his satisfaction. "I am happy with his performance," ten Hag said as the BBC quoted, emphasising that Maguire is playing in line with the team's expectations.

The manager commended Maguire's proactive style, both in possession and when the team is without the ball. "Very proactive out of possession, dominating his opponent, stepping in when necessary, reading the game, good covering but also in possession very proactive, stepping in, delivering good passes and switching," ten Hag explained.

Maguire's impressive contributions to the team's recent victories over Brentford and Sheffield United are a testament to his abilities and determination. The defender's proactive style and versatility in both the defensive and offensive aspects of the game make him a valuable asset for Manchester United as they strive to improve their form in the Premier League.

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