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Man United Greats with Most Wins in Premier League History

Top Man United Winners in Premier League History

Few clubs in the world of football have boasted a roster of talent as legendary as Manchester United's. At the heart of Old Trafford we have seen heroes—legends from the likes of Ryan Giggs to Paul Scholes, Gary Neville to Wayne Rooney etch their names into the fabric of the Premier League.

These players weren't just stars on the field; they were the architects of dreams, the makers of history. Join us as we rank the United greats based on their sheer number of wins in the Premier League era.

Man Utd Legends With Most Wins in The Premier League

1. Ryan Giggs (407 Wins)

When Manchester United was at its best, Ryan Giggs stood out as a key player, epitomising the club's dominance under Sir Alex Ferguson. His illustrious career spanned over two decades, during which he amassed a staggering 407 wins in the Premier League. Giggs was known for bringing success to the team whenever he played, becoming a symbol of triumph for United.

2. Paul Scholes (321 Wins)

Paul Scholes was a key player in the heart of Man United's midfield, leading the team to many victories with his amazing passing skills and vision. With 321 Premier League victories to his name, Scholes cemented his status as one of the club's greatest stalwarts. Scholes could control the pace of the game and score important goals, helping United win many matches and earning himself a place among the Premier League's greatest midfielders of all-time.

3. Gary Neville (256 Wins)

As the linchpin of The Red Devils' defence, Gary Neville marshalled his troops with unwavering determination and clear thinking. With 256 Premier League wins under his belt, Neville epitomised the club's defensive resilience during its glory years, especially in the 90s. His loyalty to the cause and leadership qualities endeared him to fans and solidified his legacy as one of United's all-time greats. He is also one of our top 10 captains in Premier League history.

4. Wayne Rooney (250 Wins)

Wayne Rooney was a remarkably talented player, who made a lasting impact on Manchester United's impressive history. Winning 250 Premier League matches, Rooney's mix of skill, determination, and grit helped United win many games. As the team's top scorer ever, his ability to score crucial goals played a big part in winning important matches and trophies. Rooney's legacy at United is also marked by unforgettable moments, like his spectacular bicycle kick in the Manchester derby at Old Trafford. It was truly a breathtaking display of skill and athleticism.

5. David de Gea (225 Wins)

David de Gea stood out as Manchester United's ultimate protector, positioned as the final barrier against opposition goals, entrusted with securing the team's victories. With 225 Premier League wins, de Gea's lightning-fast reflexes, exceptional ability to stop shots, and authoritative presence in goal were crucial to United's triumphs. His remarkable saves frequently shifted the momentum in favour of the Red Devils, earning him praise and admiration from fans and fellow players.

6. Roy Keane (210 Wins)

Fierce, determined, and unyielding, Roy Keane epitomised the warrior spirit that defined United's midfield. With 210 Premier League wins, Keane's ferocious tackles, tireless work ethic, and indomitable leadership propelled United to glory on numerous occasions. His sheer will to win and commitment to excellence left an everlasting mark on the club's history, establishing him as a true icon of the game.

7. Rio Ferdinand (208 Wins)

Rio Ferdinand was a dominant force in Manchester United's defence, showcasing elegance, calmness, and leadership. Winning 208 Premier League matches, Ferdinand teamed up with players like Nemanja Vidic to create a strong defensive wall for United. His skill in anticipating plays, winning battles in the air, and starting offensive moves from deep positions laid the groundwork for many victories throughout his impressive career. Rio Ferdinand and Nemanja Vidic's partnership is widely regarded as one of the best defensive duos in Premier League history.

8. Michael Carrick (206 Wins)

In the engine room of Man United's midfield, Michael Carrick pulled the strings with masterful precision, orchestrating the flow of play with intelligence and finesse. With 206 Premier League wins, Carrick's astute positional play, impeccable passing, and calm demeanour were instrumental in United's success between 2006-2013. A silent maestro whose influence extended far beyond the spotlight, Carrick's contributions to the club's triumphs were nothing short of invaluable.

9. Patrice Evra (186 Wins)

Dynamic, tenacious, and relentless, Patrice Evra symbolised the modern full-back archetype, blending defensive solidity with attacking flair. With 186 Premier League victories, Evra's marauding runs down the left flank and resolute defending bolstered United's quest for silverware between 2006-2013.

10. Denis Irwin (180 Wins)

Denis Irwin holds a revered position among Manchester United's legends for his unwavering consistency and reliability. With 180 Premier League wins, Irwin's adaptability, defensive intelligence, and skill in set pieces played a vital role in United's achievements from the 1990s to the early 2000s. Despite often being overlooked, Irwin's contributions were invaluable to the team's success on the field.


Looking back at the careers of these Manchester United legends, one thing stands out: their relentless desire to win and their dedication to excellence lifted the Red Devils to unparalleled success in the Premier League under Sir Alex Ferguson. There's no doubt their combined talent and unbeatable determination have immortalised them in the history books of the English top flight.

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