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Man Utd great Gary Neville: Arsenal can’t be trusted.

A complete overhaul at the back is the answer to Arsenal’s defensive woes.

Arsenal boss Arteta needs a defensive overhaul [Getty]
Arsenal boss Arteta needs a defensive overhaul [Getty]

Manchester United legend Gary Neville believes Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta will need to change his back four if he wants to see a better defensive performance from his team.

The Gunners have lost twice (to Manchester City and Brighton) and conceded five goals since the Premier League restart last week, however, Neville reckons “defenders with better concentration” will do the north London club a lot of good.

"You just can’t trust Arsenal, you haven’t been able to for years," the former England rights-back told the Gary Neville Podcast.

"We’ve all said it. Mikel Arteta – we should still say that the shape Arsenal are playing, the shape they have defensively I think is better than it was previously but the individuals within that will let you down.

"It doesn’t matter how well you coach the shape, if you get exposed one on one or defenders make mistakes – as we saw in that game against Manchester City and against Brighton – then you’re just going to get punished. 

"They just need defenders with better concentration. Jamie [Carragher] mentioned about Dejan Lovren being emotional. 

"Sir Alex Ferguson – there were elements of me that were emotional sometimes as a player and he would knock it right out of me. He said I hate emotional defenders. He wants his defenders to be ice cold."

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