Manchester City great Colin Bell praises David Silva.

Manchester City legend Colin Bell has praised midfielder David Silva, saying he can walk into any City team in history, and has described him as ‘irreplaceable’.

" David Silva would walk into any City team," said Bell, who clocked up nearly 500 appearances for City between 1966-1979, reports

"He is in my personal greatest all-time XI and is just fantastic to watch. When he's on the ball, he makes the whole team tick and we don't look the same side without him. He has an incredible awareness and is the perfect player for the modern game.

"People ask me how I rate him compared to the players who played during my era and he's up there with the very best.

"We were different players - don't get me wrong - and I suppose I brought something different to the City team than David does. My game was more about box-to-box, high energy with a lot of running, but that's not how the game is now.

"Silva glides around the pitch and is an integral part of our recent successes and he is a genuine pleasure to watch.

"I used to tackle more and head it, but he doesn't need to do that side of the game because there are other players in the team who do that. All you need to do is give him the ball and he takes care of the rest.

"I suppose I was more of an all-rounder in that respect, but as I say, the game has changed a lot in the past 30 years or so."

The 29-year-old has been side-lined since the beginning of October after suffering an ankle injury while on international duty in Spain’s Euro 2016 qualifier against Luxembourg.

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