Marcel Desailly says a player revolt is behind Chelsea's poor form.

Former Chelsea captain Marcel Desailly believes the club's awful start to the season is solely down to the players.

The former France international reckons a player revolt is behind the Blues' bad form which has seen them them win only three in 11 Premier League games.

"It's obvious that something has happened," the Frenchman told beIN Sports.

"There is a clique somewhere. The first game they played, the substitution of John Terry during the game and other small elements.

"Sometimes you cannot explain what is going on, it is just that the collective capacity of Chelsea is not there anymore."

He added: "It's a very sad accusation because you are accusing players, or one player, of dishonesty.

"If I accuse you of being a dishonest journalist, I think you would be very upset and probably you would take legal action. It is a question for the players not for me."

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