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Mark Bosnich: Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea needs to address a technical weakness.

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

De Gea made a mess of Steven Bergwijn's 27th-minute strike which handed Jose Mourinho's Spurs the lead on Friday evening.

David de Gea of Man Utd
David de Gea of Man Utd

Former Manchester United goalkeeper Mark Bosnich says David de Gea needs to work on his shot-stopping to avoid making the same mistake in the future.

De Gea took most of the blame for Spurs’ first goal against United on Friday night as the Spaniard could only parry Steven Bergwijn's 27th-minute strike into the roof of the net, though, Bruno Fernandes' spot-kick cancelled out the opener.

Ex-Red Devils right-back Gary Neville also said De Ge’s drop in form isn’t just a blip, and he needs to put in the work to overcome the “erosion”.

"He has had a season that has been full of mistakes that he hasn't made on a consistent basis in the past," Bosnich told Sky Sports News. "There is no doubt about that.

"In terms of the goal against Tottenham, a lot of people obviously are talking about the delivery that Roy Keane made. But the bottom line is whether you agree with the way he delivered it or not that is Roy's style. It was a mistake.

"The most important thing, and I am sure his goalkeeper coach would know this, from a technical point of view is that there is something wrong when he sets for shots. You saw it in that [Tottenham] goal.

"As a goalkeeper if you set for shots and your feet are outside the width of your shoulders you are going to have real problems because the natural reaction is then to go backwards when the shot is hit quite hard.

"You have got no room to manoeuvre your feet and if you start going backwards as a goalkeeper and the ball hits you, invariably it is going to go in the back of the goal. So that is something that they definitely need to work on.

"Obviously, they have got (Dean) Henderson who is playing so well at Sheffield United as well.

"Gary (Neville) is right in what he is saying, it has been more than a blip this season or so."

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