Matuidi: "Singing La Marseillaise was the strongest moment".

French player Blaise Matuidi has revealed that it was an emotional moment when England sang the national anthem of France when the two sides met on Tuesday night in a friendly game.

The Three Lions sang the national anthem of France after the Paris attacks that left 132 people dead.

England won the game by two goals to nothing, with goals from debutant Dele Alli and captain Wayne Rooney.

"It was a very emotional moment, a moment that we no longer want to live again," the midfielder told L'Equipe, reports.

"We lived through three horrendous days. Never again. But it was good to play this game, the English have done us a great honor, they were fabulous.

"On Tuesday evening, we showed what it was like real life, being united despite differences in nationality, religion.

"But it was very hard, we remain human beings. Now we must move forward even if it is easy to say that after what happened.

"Singing La Marseillaise was the strongest moment, it was a very difficult moment because we have thought of all the victims, their families, all those horrors.

"Frankly, I have no words."

Thinkfootballideas Staff.

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