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McTominay Credits Manager's Approach for Improved Performance

Manchester United's Scott McTominay, who emerged as the hero with two crucial goals in a 2-1 victory over Chelsea, credited the manager's influence and a strategic training approach for the team's success while speaking to Amazon Prime.

McTominay, expressed his joy at finding the net twice, stating: "I've always enjoyed getting in the box and I could have had a hat-trick if I'd calmed down when I got the chance." His attacking prowess proved decisive in securing the win.

When asked about the changes that contributed to the team's improved performance, McTominay pointed to the influence of the manager and a shift in the team's approach. He highlighted: "The manager. The way we approached the game and some light training sessions to keep the energy high with a lot of games coming and keep the pressure on the teams above us."

Looking ahead, McTominay emphasised the importance of taking each game as it comes. "We just have to take it a game at a time. We've got Bournemouth at the weekend and take it step by step. We can't get carried away because we played alright tonight." The midfielder's grounded perspective shows he is not underestimating upcoming challenges.

Manchester United's victory against Chelsea marks a significant moment in their campaign, and with McTominay's brace, Erik ten Hag and his Red Devils must aim to build on this win, taking measured steps towards their next encounter against Bournemouth this weekend.

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