Mesut Özil is thankful for team-mates support.

Mesut Özil dismissed belittling of his recent displays and says he is very happy at Arsenal and is very thankful for the backing of his team-mates.

The 25-year old had come under intense scrutiny before his strike at Aston Villa on Saturday, with loads of football fans and pundits critical of his displays and phlegmatic body language.

But the World cup winner believes it is impossible to measure a player’s character by their attitude on the pitch and is enjoying the helpful and homely surroundings at Arsenal.

“You can’t forget that people don’t know you away from football,” the Germany international told Arsenal website.

“You can’t really see what a person is really like when they are on the pitch. Sometimes a player will come across as arrogant and another as being a nice guy when in reality it could be the other way round.

“At the club you always have to be respectful towards one another. It doesn’t matter if one player is a world star and the other is a newcomer. Everyone should be treated in the same way and that’s why I’m so happy at Arsenal, because that’s really the case here.

“Everyone is treated the same way and has respect for one another. That’s a big help on the route to reaching your targets - when you’re like a family who make each other feel welcome and at home. That’s how it is here.”

Mesut Özil recorded his first goal and first assist of the season at Villa Park, scoring first goal before later assisting Danny Welbeck as the Gunners won 3-0.

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