Michael Owen: Man City target Raheem Sterling is replaceable.

Liverpool legend Michael Owen says contract rebel Raheem Sterling is replaceable and has urged his former side to cash-in on the 20-year-old.

The former England striker thinks the Reds should sell Sterling and doesn’t think they should be worried about letting him go because he isn’t Luis Suarez.

Owen said: "I think he is a very good player but, put it this way, a year ago they lost Suarez. He is irreplaceable.

"You cannot replace someone that good. If Liverpool lose Sterling they can replace him.

"Certainly with the money that they would get. I think you can replace Sterling.

"I wouldn't be losing sleep if he did leave and you got a fair old chunk of money for him, because I think he is replaceable."

He continued: "I do think now it's gone a bit too far. I expect him not be a Liverpool player.

"If he was in two minds then the reaction of the fans, and with a sour taste in his mouth about everything that has happened, he would probably look into starting afresh again."

Regarding Danny Ings' move to Anfield, the former Real Madrid player said: "It's a whole new ball game when you go to a club like Liverpool.

"The scrutiny is on. Any weaknesses you have in your game will be exposed at a top club.

"People think if you're at a club like Liverpool or Manchester United you should score 20 goals a season because you're getting all the chances.

"But if you're not good enough you get exposed really quickly, and it's not pleasant.

"I hope he is successful. The next progression for him is international football. But he's got to master getting into the Liverpool team first."

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