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Mikel Arteta Insists Everyone in Arsenal Squad is Important.

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta underscores the significance of every individual within the Gunners' setup.

Addressing the media before their inaugural Premier League match of the 2023/24 season, the Spanish manager remarked: "We've been trying to increase the depth of the squad with the ability and we want to be more flexible.

"We want to have interactions with players that can make us better. I think you have to treat everyone with the sense that they are important.

"Football is a collective sport with just 11 playing and the other 11 players that most of the time aren't happy. But it's about how they deal with that.

"We play every three days and the role changes. It tells you a lot about the human being and the professional. I want players that are happy when the team wins because it's a team sport."

Arteta's comments underscore his commitment to fostering a cohesive team spirit while recognising the value of each player's role in the dynamic of the sport.

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