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Mikel Arteta is elated to welcome Arsenal striker Gabriel Jesus back.

Manager Mikel Arteta's enthusiasm is palpable as he welcomes Gabriel Jesus back into the fold at Arsenal.

After undergoing knee surgery to address a persistent issue just before their 2-1 victory against Nottingham Forest, the Brazilian striker made a surprising return to training this week, giving the Gunners a significant boost.

Arteta expressed his delight at seeing Gabriel Jesus back in training, considering the setback the Brazilian faced after an impressive pre-season. He said in a news conference on Friday: "I was really happy to see him back training. It was a big blow for him after the pre-season he had to have another surgery. He’s looking really sharp. He trained for the full week good. He’s ready to go."

Addressing the possibility of Gabriel Jesus starting, Arteta stated: "He’s ready to go. We’ll see."

Apart from the on-field matters, Arteta took a lighthearted approach to the new touchline rules introduced this season to regulate the conduct of managers and coaches.

In response to Gary Neville's claim that the rules were implemented because of Arteta, the Spaniard humorously remarked: "I’m used to them already. One week, bang, done. I’m a new man. You’ll see me on the touchline so calm, I won’t move. I’m ready to go."

He acknowledged the challenge of adhering to the rules due to his passion but assured: "You’re gonna see tomorrow how well I behave. It’s very difficult. But I will try my best, that’s what I can promise."

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