Morgan Schneiderlin feels better and better.

Manchester United midfielder Morgan Schneiderlin says he has felt better and better as the weeks have passed.

"I always say, for me, it’s not the most important thing for me to score a goal," Morgan told MUTV, reports "The most important thing for me is how I feel on the pitch and I feel better and better as the weeks go on.

"I feel very good physically and my confidence is high. I’m happy with the way I’m playing. I need to keep going and scoring the goal was the icing on the cake."

Schneiderlin also spoke on the Manchester derby this weekend. "It won’t say everything about how the rest of the season will go but it will mark a print [in the season]," he added.

"And, if we can win this game and beat City and possibly get back to first place, it will make a statement again. So, for us, it’s very important to do that especially in front of our own fans. But, whatever happens, it won’t be the end, we still need to work hard because it’s a long season."

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