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Mourinho hails ‘man with principles’ Rashford.

Mourinho worked with Rashford during his time in charge of United.

Marcus Rashford [AFP/Getty]
Marcus Rashford [AFP/Getty]

Jose Mourinho has hailed Marcus Rashford following his free school meals campaign, adding that the Manchester United star is a "man with principles".

Rashford wrote a letter to the United Kingdom government and it led to a U-turn as the food voucher scheme for vulnerable school children was extended beyond term time.

"He did amazingly well, I congratulate him on that," the ex-Real Madrid boss told the media ahead of their Premier League fixture against Man Utd on Friday.

"It's a bit strange for me that one football player can make it happen and, if it happens, it's because the government realises it is the right thing to do. The government shouldn't wait for one player to come out publicly and put some pressure on them for that to happen.

"The 18-year-old kid I met a few years ago to be now a man, and a man with principles.

"To fight for kids very similar too him when he was a young kid is something very nice from Marcus."

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