Mourinho Second Season Syndrome And Implosion At Tottenham Evident After Everton Loss

Updated: Sep 15

Generally Mourinho waits until his third year but the implosion is coming this year, his second at Spurs. And he won't finish the year.

Jose Mourinho watches his Tottenham side in frustration as they lose to Everton 1-0 (Getty Images)

'We need another striker.' 'We had positive Coronavirus cases.' 'My players didn't have a preseason.' 'The free-kick was taken five yards ahead of the foul.'

Tottenham manager Jose Mourinho made all of these excuses in one way or another before and after his side's 1-0 loss to Everton to open the new Premier League season.

Never one to shy away from complaining, Mourinho has started his club's and his own demise early this year.

As he has done at all his recent jobs, Mourinho will plunge Spurs into chaos and eventually be fired. Mourinho won't last the season at Spurs.

No Money, Mo Problems

Before the season, and in fact just days before, Mourinho spoke of his desire to bring another striker to Tottenham. "But I want to make it very clear that the club - if you want to call it the club or the structure above me - knows I need a striker and they also want a striker. I believe we will get a striker, I honestly believe so."

Later in his presser, when referring to Chelsea spending hundreds of millions this summer, Mourinho added: "...we are not the kind of club that can go to the market and spend a fortune on players."

Mourinho couched his criticism of the board by saying he believes they'll get a striker. They know they have to. They just haven't done it. But he believes they will.

But where does he think the funds for a much-needed striker will come from? And even if they do find some money, it won't be enough to bring in a quality striker. Mourinho, as he did at Manchester United and everywhere else, is saying he can't compete with this Spurs team. He doesn't have the players. He doesn't have the money. Therefore, it's not his fault.

Complaint Avalanche

And after the loss to Everton, he blamed the officials for the only goal of the game headed in by Dominic Calvert-Lewin. Lucas Digne should have taken the free-kick five yards farther back in Mourinho's view.

"It is not an excuse, but with so many referees on the pitch and on the line, with five meters different on the crossing situation makes a huge difference on our backline. I don’t want to say so much on this, obviously."

Clearly it is a big deal to the Special One. But Toby Alderweireld and Eric Dier getting beat and not even jumping for the ball makes no difference.

You'd think Mourinho would stop there with the excuses. But you'd be naive.

"Look, Harry Kane trained with us once. Once. [Moussa] Sissoko, a couple [of times]. I am not going player by player but for different reasons many of our players didn't have a proper preseason. We had cases of positive COVID. Of course, we have the right not to say which players were but we had players with positive COVID. [Spurs] had other players with quarantine due to the proximity with positive players.

"We had a player in quarantine because he was on holiday in the country which England implements quarantine. We had many of them, they went to the national teams so the preseason was a difficult preseason for many of the players. I couldn't expect them to be sharp, intense, agile. But I was expecting much more individually and much more collectively," he said as ESPN quoted.

Players To Turn On Mourinho?

And that's where the criticism of players begins. Mourinho surprisingly didn't single out anyone as he normally does. The closest was when he said "You can look to [Matt] Doherty, a player who is normally in an incredible condition, he didn't have a preseason. He went direct from holidays to national team matches. Not one single training session. He played two consecutive matches and today he was not Matt Doherty like he normally is, so these are the things that we knew could happen to us."

Basically, Doherty wasn't himself, but it's not his fault. More criticism couched with an excuse.

Mourinho called his team "lazy" and "unfit." Both are excuses and the blame falls squarely on his shoulders.

For the time being, Mourinho hasn't loss the dressing room, only individual players like Tanguy Ndombele, although the frenchman subbed on in the second half of the game.

Mourinho unceremoniously subbed off Dele Alli at halftime against Everton for "tactical" reasons. Evidently Alli's brother was playing, not Dele himself.

Otherwise, he would've ran through a defense that finished six positions and 10 points below below Spurs last year with the same defenders and keeper as Sunday.

So who will be in the dressing room for the remainder of the season, Dele or his brother?

Mourinho hasn't lost the dressing room yet. But it's only a matter of time. And when he does, just like at his previous jobs, he'll get the boot.

Mourinho (On The Way) Out

Mourinho after one game of the new season has offered up a handful of excuses. He has thrown his team under the bus, although softening the blow with excuses. And he has publicly criticized the board, but said he's confident in those above him.

In fairness, Mourinho is right when he says he needs new players. This Spurs team came together under former manager Mauricio Pochettino who had a completely different style and philosophy. And a majority of the players just don't fit Mourinho.

Plus, other than Harry Kane and Heung-min Son, who at Spurs is world-class? No one. But they have to compete with world-class players at other Big 6 clubs.

The Portuguese is also right when he says they can't spend money. Chairman Daniel Levy has always penny pinched with the club. Plus clubs have been and are losing money hand over fist without fans in stadiums due to the Coronavirus.

Maybe the free-kick should have been taken farther back. Perhaps he had less training time than Everton and other clubs.

Despite his correct observations, criticizing his players and the board, complaining about money and transfers, blaming the refs, making excuses about preseason, alienating members of the squad...those things simply don't ingratiate him with his superiors, his team, or the fans.

Mourinho's position at every club he has managed at, especially the last couple, became untenable. And that unravelling has already begun at Spurs, in his second year instead of his third.

Mourinho will not survive the season at Tottenham. And when his pink slip comes, no one will want him to remain anyways.

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