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Mourinho: The next match is a must win.

Tottenham boss Mourinho insists that the north London derby on Sunday is a must-win [Getty]
Tottenham boss Mourinho insists that the north London derby on Sunday is a must-win [Getty]

Spurs boss Mourinho says the north London derby is a must-win game.

You can tell manager Jose Mourinho is enjoying the transformation at Spurs when he said the Lilywhites were not happy with the result at Stamford Bridge.

Tottenham returned to the top of the Premier League table after they were held by Chelsea in the competitive goalless London derby on Sunday as both teams cancelled each other out.

The Portuguese revealed after the match in west London that he was happy with the “complete change of mentality and personality” in his side because usually they would have been pleased with the result.

Speaking to Sky Sports after the game, Mourinho said both teams “respected” each other and “nobody gambled” but insists that his boys must be ready for their "must-win" game against Arsenal this coming weekend.

“A draw at Stamford Bridge is usually a positive thing and staying top of the league is also a positive thing. But my dressing room isn't happy with that and that is fantastic,” he said explained.

“It's a complete change of mentality and personality.

“That was a game where we respected them and they respected us. Nobody gambled today or tried to change the direction of the game. Everybody was in a situation of one mistake wins the game, especially in the last 15 minutes.”

Quizzed about staying top of the England top flight, he replied: “I like the feeling of being top and having our first game back with fans, even if just 2,000 fans, it's a gift for the Tottenham fans. We came from a difficult position last season and we are happy with that. 

“If we were a bit better, we would have won today. The game was there for us. The next match is a must-win.”

On Joe Rodon, who made his Premier League debut in the enthralling encounter, Jose said: "It is difficult but he showed personality. I will analyse the game step by step with him. But from my quick analyse I got two mistakes from him but after that he was solid and comfortable and that is important. 

“You compare the two teams and centre-backs and Thiago Silva, coming from an amazing career, and Joe Rodon, coming from Swansea in the Championship. I have to be happy. He is an intelligent guy and wants to learn."

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