Notts County have blocked the whole of Hungary on Facebook.


In a bizarre story, Notts County have blocked the whole of Hungary on Facebook.

League One outfit Notts County have bizarrely blocked the whole of Hungary from liking their Facebook page after they were drowned in comments regarding new signing Balint Bajner from Ipswich.

The Hungarian striker joined County on Tuesday and the Notts County Facebook page has been swamped with Hungarian fans praising the striker. In August, Ipswich suffered the same fate after Bajner was dropped by the club. After the game, comments such as “No Bajner, No party” filled the Ipswich Facebook page.

Despite seeing the posts as a bit of fun, County had to react by taking drastic action, and this was to block them, meaning that supporters from Hungary had no way of commenting on anything the club posted.

Head of media at the club, Jamie Dixon said that the clubs Facebook page got a severe amount of “traffic” on Tuesday with 1700 likes on posts in two days. He said, “Anything we posted got a good number of Balint Bajner posts and it just constantly kept growing. He added, “We all took it as good fun, but it did blur the waters for other supporters.”

They attempted blocking key words on the page, yet this didn't work so now all comments and messages from Hungary have been blocked.

Mr Dixon also added, “Hopefully it is just a temporary measure, but we did have to take the drastic measure of blocking Hungary.”

The club confirmed that they have set up a Hungarian Magpies page which is currently proving very popular over in Hungary. They also confirmed that striker Bajner had taken the interest in good humour.

Written by Joe Atkins [@JoeAFC_]

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