Now Sterling feels the love - Pep

Guardiola is convinced Sterling's recent display is due to the love he is getting at the moment.

Raheem Sterling's improved form is down to the love he is feeling at Manchester City, according to manager Pep Guardiola.

Sterling sealed a move from Anfield to the Etihad last summer, but struggled to live up to the price tag in his debut campaign at City and was also inconsistent at the Euros for England, but at the moment it's a different story as his displays have impressed his new boss.

"Now he feels the love, believe me. Do you think I improved his skill in a month and a half?" he said.

"All the managers in the world try to create a good environment but they are the ones who play. I can't decide the games.

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"The referee whistles and I wave my hands around, but football belongs to the players. I am so happy that Raz [Sterling] shows his talent.

"I might suggest if they stand in a certain place they will receive the ball more. But they decide between a million possibilities in a second."

Guardiola also spoke about the tough task of keeping his whole squad happy.

"I would like to have only 18 players. It would be a dream because everyone is happy but unfortunately there are injuries, we have to compete every three days," he said.

"In Germany, they have a winter break, here not.

"We have all the competitions here: four; so many games and we need a bigger squad. But always we are polite with the players," he concluded.

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