Owen lauds Liverpool star Salah.

The Egyptian is now obsessed with scoring goals.

Mohamed Salah is now "obsessed by goals", according to former Liverpool star Michael Owen.

Owen heaped praise on the Egyptian as he reckons the forward’s success at Liverpool has transformed him into a player who is always keen to get on the scoresheet.

The former England striker told BT Sport: "The way I read his game is I think you can tell his game has changed over the years.

"Five years ago, watching him play, he would be beating players out wide, he'd be laying balls on.

"He got the assist tonight, but he just looks to me nowadays like a really, really hungry player for goals, almost to the state where he's obsessed by goals.

"That's definitely developed over the years with him. He never used to be obsessed with goals.

"But now he's getting a taste of it. Now he's won Golden Boots, now he's been the main man, it's almost as if he feels a huge pressure to score all the time.

"That's how I read him when I watch him play. I never, ever think he's going to pass in front of goal, it's almost as if he's got a one-track mind.

"There's nothing wrong with that, it's certainly not a criticism, it's just intriguing how he's evolved over the years into being this real hungry goal-getter now.

"Five years he certainly wasn't like that, and now you're watching him thinking 'wow, he's just zoned in on scoring goals'. He's such a goal-getter."

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