Ozil: It's key to think ahead before receiving the ball.

Gunners attacking midfielder Mesut Ozil believes it is key for playmakers to think ahead of their next action with the ball before they receive it.

The World Cup winner returned from injury in Arsenal's 3-0 win over Stoke City at the Emirates on Sunday.

And with the German always known for assisting his team-mates like he always did for Cristiano Ronaldo when he was at Los Blancos, thinking of your next pass before you receive the ball is vital according to Ozil.

“Before you get the ball, you think about where your team-mates and the opposition are likely to be,” Ozil told Arsenal Player as Arsenal.com reported.

“I have an idea of where my team-mates are when I receive possession, and where they could run.

“Of course what happens next depends on them as well as me. If they make runs into space or we think along the same lines, I can play the pass.

“But if I see the gap and they don’t run into it, you can’t play the pass. We have so much quality going forward. We have players with a lot of pace, who think about what’s going to happen and that makes it easier.

“You have to think before you receive the ball, because the game now is so intense and quick. It wouldn’t work otherwise.”

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