Ozil feels he is being unfairly scapegoated at Arsenal.

Ozil believes he is unfairly targeted when Arsenal don’t perform in big games.

Mesut Ozil hasn’t been happy about the criticism from pundits over his record in 'big' matches and how often he misses matches through illness or injuries.

The German, who has registered six goals and nine assists in 42 Premier League matches against Tottenham, Manchester City, Chelsea and Liverpool, is baffled that it’s always his fault anytime the Gunners don’t perform in a big match.

“It always happens that an ex-player stands there on TV and criticises me,” the World Cup winner told The Athletic as the Mirror reported. “Others just continue the theme and it gets in everyone’s heads.

“If we don’t do well in a ‘big’ game, it’s always my fault. If that’s true, how do you explain our results in the ‘big’ games when I wasn’t involved?

"There’s no real difference. I know people expect me to offer more, dictate play and make the difference – I do, too – but it’s not that straightforward."

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