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Pep on De Bruyne and Manchester City Triumph over Burnley

In a triumphant start to their Premier League title defence, Manchester City emerged victorious against Burnley with a convincing 3-0 win. However, the celebration was bittersweet as they faced the unfortunate news of an injury to star midfielder Kevin de Bruyne.

Pep Guardiola, the mastermind behind City's remarkable performance, expressed his satisfaction with the team's performance but couldn't hide his disappointment at De Bruyne's setback. In an interview with BBC's Match of the Day, the Spanish manager acknowledged, "We started well. We found a goal, but we struggled a bit after. We gave away balls, our pass created problems but after a while, we played much, much better."

Turning his attention to the influential midfielder, Guardiola revealed the unfortunate truth, "He was injured again unfortunately. Same place and position as the Champions League and he will be out for a while." The news undoubtedly casts a shadow over City's campaign, as they lose a key player in De Bruyne.

Guardiola also shed light on his interaction with the dynamic striker Erling Haaland, who had a significant role in the victory. "He wanted the ball in behind to him and that ball hasn't to be in behind," Guardiola remarked. He emphasised the need for patience and timing in football, stating, "Sometimes you have to be patient to find the right moment. He was not frustrated, I am not frustrated. In football, it happens. Don't be dramatic."

Reflecting on the overall match, Guardiola acknowledged the challenge posed by a newly promoted team. He stated, "The first game against a newly promoted will always be difficult. They give everything but we were fortunate to find a goal so quickly. We gave them chances so we have to improve."

While the victory offers a promising start to Manchester City's title defence, the loss of De Bruyne presents a hurdle that the team will need to overcome as they navigate the challenges of the Premier League.

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