Per Mertesacker on Arsenal's improved performance against big teams.

Arsenal defender Per Mertesacker has said that the Gunners’ ability to change their game style has helped them get great results against the big sides.

Arsene Wenger’s men have improved recently in big matches, with convincing wins against Manchester City, Manchester United and Chelsea in the Community Shield this season.

“We are capable of doing different things sometimes and that is what makes it harder for the opponent,” he said, reports “That is why we implement it in games sometimes but we are still dangerous on the counter-attack and that makes us a real threat.

“Last season we played at Manchester City and showed a different kind of gameplan. That is what we had in the locker already but this year we are more consistent and it makes us a bit better as a unit.

“Sometimes we need to adjust, we don't have all the players available at the minute so we [thought] that was the best way to win against City. We need to trust that way as well - it is not only thinking about it, it is also about putting it into practice.

“That is what we are doing really well at the minute but that means a lot of concentration and work in training, and everyone is up for the challenge.

“When I see our players up front working as hard as they did [against City] that makes a difference for us defenders - it makes it much easier to defend our goal.

“We go game by game and concentrate on having a gameplan and trying to implement it. That has been our strength so far against the big teams and it makes us stronger as a unit.”

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