Platini didn`t need to Speak out loud.

It was a big surprise when Frank Ribery decided to step down from international football after missing the 2014 world cup due to injury. I for one felt that was a big loss for France as he would have provided more creativity and attacking threat.

He took this decision bearing in mind that his country would be hosting the Euro 2016 tournament, also one could say `hoping the decision would help him extend his playing days at Bayern Munich` as he would be 33 by then.

UEFA president Michel Platini has come into the picture and said that `if Didier Deschamps, the France Manager, picks Ribery and the player still stands on his decision, he will be banned for his club for 3 matches.

Platini said `its not the decision of the players whether they come to the national team, its the decision of the coach.`

I for one again doubt that is true as I believe a manager shouldn't pick a player who doesn't want to play for the team any longer. Why play a player who`s desire to play is questioned?

This made me wonder if Michel was applying this across all nations? He should be asked `where he was when the likes of Giggs retired from the welsh team in 2007 ?, when Stephen Ireland retired at very young age? When Scholes retired also from the English national team in 2004 and was needed in 2008? And many more who have also followed that road`.

We can understand that Platini is French, a Legend as well and the UEFA president but, to say Ribery`s decision to play international football bores down to the coach not the player and to also say, he could be banned if he refuses a call up from Deschamps doesn't show Plantini is engaging UEFA in international availability across all nations in Europe. Besides, its FIFA who have the final say on this matter.

In any case, it would have been more sensible if Platini kept his opinion to himself, Deschamps and the French FA should have dealt with it behind the scenes and, not make it the latest TV series.

Written by @Chukkymufc

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