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Pochettino Discusses Brentford Clash and More

In a pre-match press conference ahead of the anticipated Premier League clash against Brentford at Stamford Bridge, Chelsea coach Mauricio Pochettino offered insights into the upcoming game, his team's form, and more.

Pochettino began by acknowledging the fantastic job done by Brentford boss Thomas Frank, commending his work in developing the club with his innovative ideas. The Argentine manager expressed respect for Brentford as a formidable team, describing the challenge they pose as "tough."

"He [Thomas Frank] is doing a fantastic job in a club that can develop with his ideas," said Pochettino as BBC Sport quoted.

"It’s going to be a tough game because they’re a very good team. They use two different formations so we will have to see, but we’re ready. It’s a nice challenge for us tomorrow."

As he addressed Chelsea's recent form and the overall performance of the Blues Pochettino emphasised that there is still room for improvement. While he recognised the importance of maintaining momentum, he noted that Chelsea's current standing falls short of their lofty expectations.

He stated: "We are in a situation where we’re still improving and we’re still far away from what we expect and want. But yes, it’s important to have this momentum, we have a really good opportunity now to show ourselves that we can keep the momentum."

Home form was another topic of discussion during the press conference, with Pochettino highlighting the significance of creating a winning streak in front of their fans. He spoke about the need for Chelsea to project an image of solidity and reliability when playing at home.

"It’s really important, we need to create a run at home by winning. We need to improve the image of being solid in front of our fans at home."

When asked about Christopher Nkunku's potential return to the squad, Pochettino hinted that it might happen after the upcoming international break but remained cautious about providing a definitive timeline. "Maybe [he'll be back] after the international break. Maybe, but not sure," said the ex-Spurs and PSG boss.

Regarding the return of defender Reece James, Pochettino mentioned that while James is progressing well and training rigorously, he may not be ready for a starting role but could make an appearance from the bench.

"He is still not ready to start. He's doing well, training well; he's really close but he'll be on the bench."

Pochettino concluded the press conference on a lighter note, expressing some lighthearted frustration about the Christmas Eve game against Wolves, which coincides with his anniversary and an important night for Argentine people.

"I'm not happy. The 23rd is my anniversary and I need to travel to Wolves! The 24th is a really important night for the Argentine people. I hope to arrive on time to celebrate," Pochettino concluded.

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