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Pochettino loves England but is open to different countries.

The Argentine is keen to return to football management. [Getty]
The Argentine is keen to return to football management. [Getty]

"I love England. My idea is to keep living in London but at the same time, I am open to different countries."

Those were the words of Mauricio Pochettino, who also confirmed he is open to the idea of managing a Premier League club that isn't in the top six.

Pochettino who was sacked by Spurs and replaced with Jose Mourinho last November can't wait to return to management.

The Ex-Tottenham boss is a target for Newcastle United and continues to be linked with several clubs in Europe.

"I love England," Pochettino told Sky Sports News. "My idea is to keep living in London but at the same time, I am open to different countries, to listen and see what happens. I am ready and we are a much better coaching staff now. We have learned a lot from our experiences at Espanyol, Southampton and Tottenham. We have a lot to provide to the people that will trust in us in the future."

Asked about Newcastle, and what are the key factors he is looking for in his next project, Pochettino was clear, adding: "I need to behave in the way that I did on my first day as a coach. There are two things that are most important - one is the people, the fans that are behind every club. That is the structure that keeps alive all the companies that provide the entertainment that is football. The other is the ideas of the clubs. Every single club and company have different cultures, different philosophies, different ways of working. They all have different plans for success.

"To be successful at one club you need to win the Champions League or Premier League, but for others, it is to finish in the top four or six. For Tottenham, it was to build a new stadium and at the same time create a team to compete and cut the gap to the top four. Every single club has different aims and you as a coaching staff need to stick to these ideas. In the end, when we are waiting for a new offer, and we are capable of providing what a club expects from us, we are going to be very happy."

When quizzed if he would he consider a job at a club outside the top six in the Premier League?

He replied: "The problem is which clubs are top six?" he replies. "The top six always changes. Tottenham is not in the top six, Arsenal is not in the top six. You need to respect all the clubs. All the clubs are working so hard and investing money. Every season clubs have the ambition to be top six or top four. I don't think you can underestimate any club."

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