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Postecoglou Disappointed as Tottenham Falter

Updated: Dec 9, 2023

Spurs boss Postecoglou Bemoans Missed Chances and Defensive Lapses

Tottenham Hotspur's manager, Ange Postecoglou, expressed his frustration after a disappointing performance against West Ham United, lamenting missed opportunities and defensive lapses that led to a 2-1 defeat. Speaking to BBC Match of the Day, Postecoglou addressed key issues that contributed to Spurs' setback.

"If you dominate a game of football, you have to turn it into something meaningful, and we didn't. We lacked conviction with our chances and conceded two soft goals. It was self-inflicted," said Postecoglou, highlighting his team's shortcomings in converting dominance into tangible results.

Despite having numerous opportunities, particularly in the second half, Tottenham failed to capitalise, and Postecoglou acknowledged West Ham's resilience. "Credit to West Ham, they are always going to hang in there," he conceded, recognising the opponent's ability to stay competitive.

The Australian manager also expressed frustration with Tottenham's inability to convert dominance into victories, stating, "You want to be in a position where if you dominate games of football, you turn it into wins. We didn't today, and it is not the first time. We let ourselves down when we should have won the games comfortably.

"The challenges are there. It is no good feeling sorry for ourselves. We still have a long way to go as a team, and today shows that."

Highlighting the critical aspect of finishing chances, the Tottenham boss noted: "In a game of football, if you don't put those chances away, teams are always going to have the opportunity to punish you. In both boxes, we were nowhere near where we need to be."

The defeat serves as a stark reminder for Tottenham Hotspur that improvement is necessary, both in converting opportunities and shoring up defensive vulnerabilities, as they strive to make progress in the competitive Premier League.

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