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Postecoglou's Commitment to Building Long-Term Success Through Attractive Football.

Ange Postecoglou's Vision for Sustainable Success and Entertaining Football.

Tottenham Hotspur manager Ange Postecoglou is wasting no time in leaving his mark on the club. With an unbeaten start in the Premier League, including wins over Manchester United, Bournemouth, and Burnley, his nomination for the Manager of the Month award for August is well-deserved. While success is a priority, Postecoglou is equally focused on creating a brand of football that captivates fans.

Speaking on talkSPORT, Ange emphasised his commitment to a certain style of play that excites supporters, saying: "The challenge is, for me, the same everywhere: to get the team to play a certain kind of football that gives its own fans something to get excited about on a weekly basis and brings success to the Club."

He recognises that sustainable success is built on more than just winning trophies. "Success, for me, is winning things. But it’s not desperation around just winning something because I just don’t think that gets you a sustainable opportunity to be successful. The foundation is just to play the game a certain way, which I believe brings success but also excites the punters."

While there have been some challenges, including a Carabao Cup exit, Ange's focus remains on building a club with continuous success. "I’m here because I want to create a club that has the opportunity to win things on a yearly basis," he explained. "It’s not about just winning something for the sake of winning something. It's about building something."

Ange is determined to instil a winning culture but places equal importance on the style of play and the manner of victory. "My thing is: it’s not just about the winning, it’s about playing the game," he emphasized. "You’ve got to believe in something more than just the victory because everyone wants to win, and for me, it’s the way we play."

As he navigates his debut campaign in the Premier League, Postecoglou is encouraged by the squad's receptiveness to his ideas. "What I’ve seen since I got here is a group of players who are open to that, have embraced that."

Ultimately, Ange Postecoglou's vision revolves around a winning style of football that ensures sustained success, believing that when the team plays the way they want to, the victories will naturally follow.

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