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Ranking Chelsea's All-Time Top Goalscorers

Updated: Jun 4

Chelsea Football Club with its history and success, has seen many legendary players don the iconic blue jersey. Among them, a select few have etched their names in the club's annals through their astounding goal-scoring feats.

From the bustling eras of the 1960s to the contemporary glory days, these players have captivated fans with their prowess in front of goal. This introduction delves into the top ten goal-scorers, who have left an everlasting mark on Chelsea's legacy, highlighting their contributions, goal-scoring ratios, and the unique qualities that made each of them iconic figures at Stamford Bridge.

Here Are Chelsea's Best Goalscorers of All-time

10. Barry Bridges (84 goals)

Barry Bridges, a product of Chelsea's youth system, made a significant impact during the 1960s. His 84 goals came at a rate of 0.47 goals per match, showcasing his efficiency in front of goal. Bridges' ability to score crucial goals and contribute consistently made him a reliable figure for the Blues.

9. Tommy Baldwin (86 goals)

Tommy Baldwin was a robust and diligent forward who graced Stamford Bridge in the 1960s and early 1970s. With 86 goals, Baldwin's goals-per-match ratio of 0.39 underscores his importance to Chelsea's attack. Known for his physical presence and goal-scoring acumen, Baldwin's contributions remain etched in Chelsea's history.

8. Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink (87 goals)

Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink, a dynamic Dutch-Surinamese striker, left his imprint as the eighth-highest goal-scorer for Chelsea. Hasselbaink's 87 goals came at an impressive rate of 0.49 goals per match, highlighting his clinical finishing and goal-scoring prowess that endeared him to the Stamford Bridge faithful between 2000 and 2004.

7. Jimmy Greaves (99 goals)

Although Jimmy Greaves had a brief spell at Chelsea, his impact was extraordinary. Boasting an astonishing average of 1.08 goals per match, Greaves' time at the club showcased a level of goal-scoring proficiency rarely seen. His legacy as one of English football's finest strikers remains intact.

6. Eden Hazard (110 goals)

Eden Hazard, the mercurial Belgian winger, became Chelsea's talisman between 2012 and 2019. With 110 goals and a goals-per-match ratio of 0.31, Hazard's flair, creativity, and goal-scoring ability defined an era of success for the Blues, earning him a place among the club's all-time greats.

5. Kerry Dixon (112 goals)

Kerry Dixon's prolific goal-scoring exploits established him as a Chelsea legend. With 112 goals and a rate of 0.39 goals per match, Dixon's tenacity, coupled with a clinical eye for goal, made him a fan favourite. His consistency in finding the net cemented his place in the hearts of Chelsea supporters.

4. Peter Osgood (139 goals)

Peter Osgood, a Chelsea icon from the 1960s and 1970s, stands as the fourth-highest goal-scorer for the club. Boasting 139 goals and a rate of 0.40 goals per match, Osgood's elegance on the ball, combined with clinical finishing, made him a true maestro in the Chelsea attacking ranks under the guidance of Dave Sexton.

3. Didier Drogba (164 goals)

Didier Drogba, the King of Wembley, etched his name in Chelsea's history with 164 goals and a rate of 0.43 goals per match. The Ivorian's physicality, leadership, and knack for scoring in crucial moments, especially showcased in the 2012 UEFA Champions League final against Bayern Munich, solidified his status as one of the club's greatest strikers in history.

2. Bobby Tambling (172 goals)

Bobby Tambling, a Chelsea legend, held the goal-scoring record for decades. With 172 goals and a rate of 0.54 goals per match, Tambling's prolific scoring ability set a standard that endured through the years. His impact on Chelsea's attacking legacy remains unparalleled.

1. Frank Lampard (211 goals)

Frank Lampard, the epitome of a goal-scoring midfielder, stands as Chelsea's all-time leading scorer with 211 goals and a rate of 0.33 goals per match. Lampard's incredible versatility, intelligence, and lethal finishing from midfield not only made him a Chelsea great but also one of the Premier League's most iconic figures. His legacy, both as a player and later as a manager, played a crucial role in firmly establishing his place in Chelsea's storied history.

Table summarising Chelsea's top scorers ranked from 10 to 1.






Barry Bridges




Tommy Baldwin




Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink




Jimmy Greaves




Eden Hazard




Kerry Dixon




Peter Osgood




Didier Drogba




Bobby Tambling




Frank Lampard



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