"Real Madrid didn't sign who they needed to".

Johan Cruyff has once again sparked a debate with comments which he made, as is generally the case.

This time he was talking about Barcelona's title win and the decisions made by Real Madrid as part of their transfer policy.

"Real Madrid didn't sign who they needed to sign. That much is clear. It's a combined problem between the board, the manager and the players. It shows things didn't work the way they should have", said Cruyff after an event.

Barça, worthy champions: "I don't think anyone can claim they don't fully deserve it. There are times when a little control is lacking. Creating spaces for the strikers, who play very well on the counter, means winning the ball back deeper, and that has its risks."

Change of fortunes for Barça after a terrible season last year. "Things have worked fairly normally this year, of course. There were lots of little things last year, lots of complaints, tax problems, things that strained the situation a little. The only way to forget the past is by doing what they did this season."

Luis Enrique: "I don't know if he'll stay on. I don't know anything about his personal affairs. If you look at the outcome, it's a good season and you'd say, 'He won't go.' But I don't know anything about his personal affairs. He has his doubts."

Messi: "Messi is important to the team, not just in terms of football, but also because of how he behaves. Do you think I'd go to work with someone I didn't like? Messi has influence because he's the best. He can't accept that someone will come in who won't get results at the end of the day."

Criticism of Guardiola: "People will always think what they want to think. We live in Catalonia. We have to put the past behind us. If you look at what's been written in the press about Guardiola, if you look at how he's been treated after everything he's won, well you have to forget about that."

Source: Marca

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