Redknapp: Mourinho is finding it difficult to deal with the pressure.

Chelsea's disappointing start to the season, which has seen them win only three in 11 Premier League games as they sit in 15th spot on the Premier League table, has heaped so much pressure on Jose Mourinho and he hasn't been able to handle it properly, according to Harry Redknapp. The Premier League champions have been a shadow of the side they were last season and with Mourinho not used to losing, former West Ham and Tottenham Hotspur manager says the Portuguese hasn't been able to handle the current pressure mounting on him. "Those 10 to 15 minutes after a game, when you come out after a defeat and have a microphone put in front of you is the most difficult period as a manager," Redknapp said while speaking to BT Sport.

"After another bad defeat, you feel so low. It's difficult, but he's showing it so much. "We all have to come out and you have to do your best to deal with that situation but at the moment he can't handle it. "He's not used to getting beat, but we've all managed and you have the good days and the bad days. "In his career he's probably had 95% of up days and very, very few bad days and now he's getting them, he's finding it very hard to deal with."

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