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Richarlison Opens Up About Personal Struggles and Seeks Psychological Help

Tottenham's striker, Richarlison, has shared his decision to seek psychological support upon his return to England following the international break. His emotional reaction, seen in tears after being substituted during Brazil's 5-1 victory over Bolivia, raised concerns and prompted him to address the underlying issues.

Richarlison's journey at Tottenham since his £60 million transfer from Everton last summer has been met with challenges, with the Brazilian forward scoring only four goals in 40 appearances for the club.

He spoke candidly about the emotions that overwhelmed him on the pitch, stating as BBC Sport quoted, "I went through a turbulent time off the pitch during these past five months." He expressed relief that his personal life is now more stable, with individuals focused solely on his wealth no longer influencing him negatively.

Richarlison emphasized his commitment to turning things around, both on and off the field, stating, "Things are going to flow now, and I'm certain that I will have a good run at Tottenham and will make things happen again."

The Brazilian international acknowledged the importance of mental strength and resilience in his journey to recovery, announcing his intention to "seek psychological help from a psychologist" upon his return to England.

He clarified that his emotional moment on the pitch was not a reaction to poor performance but rather a release of pent-up emotions related to personal matters that had spiralled out of control due to people close to him.

Richarlison is determined to refocus and regain his form, setting his sights on a positive future both with Tottenham and the Brazilian national team. As he seeks assistance to strengthen his mental fortitude, he remains optimistic about his upcoming endeavours in football, emphasising his desire to return "stronger" to achieve success.

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