Robbie Savage has brushed off Raheem Sterling`s claims of being tired.

Former Blackburn Rovers midfielder Robbie Savage has given his opinion on the 19-year-old winger who told the Three Lions boss he was tired ahead of England's European qualifier against Estonia.

Sterling was left on the bench for the start of the clash against Estonia, which England triumphed with a 1-0 win in Tallinn.

And the BBC pundit took to his exclusive Mirror column to say what he thought of Sterling`s claims.

"I can’t remember any 19-year-old complaining they were too tired to play for their country," Savage wrote.

"In the past, you could always spot the shirkers who didn’t fancy a game because they would produce a sick-note for a twisted sock if they thought the manager would buy it.

"But tired at 19? Sorry, I’m not having that.

"When I was 19, we used to play three games a week - usually on terrible pitches."

The Welshman also commented on the modern footballer`s lifestyle and said they have everything at their disposal.

"If you want to, you can sleep for 14 hours a day, go for a swim, have a spa treatment... And apart from training, the rest is me-time," Savage added.

"You can get the shopping delivered to your front door, get somebody to book a table for dinner at a restaurant, get your agent to pay the gas bill... everything up to and including a butler to tie your shoelaces."

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