Rodgers: Gerrard is incredible.

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers has hailed Steven Gerrard's role as captain and ambassador, describing it as 'incredible'.

"To captain this club for the length of time he has, and to take on the ambassadorial role like he has, is incredible," explained Rodgers on

"For me, there will always be a position for Steven here as a player.

"What he gives to this club is more than the football aspect. He never turns down anything he has to do for the club and he takes great pride in his role as captain.

"You've seen the great captains this club has had down the years who have led by example and he does that for all the players. He is a unique guy who is a proper legend of this football club.

"He's had 16 incredible years here and I believe he can continue to work at this level for the next couple of years.

“I have huge respect for Steven in terms of what he has done as a player and what he has done for me in my time here."

Written by @SimonOmokhua

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