Ronald de Boer: Hiddink is finished and Ronald Koeman should have replaced Van Gaal.

The former Ajax and Barcelona midfielder Ronald de Boer is not convinced by the new Netherlands boss` [Guus Hiddink] approach and said the 67-year-old is "done" in his eyes, after they lost 2-0 to Iceland.

The two goals from Swansea`s Gylfi Sigurdsson gave Iceland an amazing victory over the Oranje who finished in the semi-finals at the World Cup back in July. The Netherlands side have now lost three of their first four games under the new coach Guus Hiddink.

And Netherlands legend De Boer believes that Ronald Koeman should have been appointed to replace Louis van Gaal after the World Cup.

I think Guus Hiddink doesn't really have a game plan in my eyes," De Boer told Sky Sports.

"He doesn't show the guys 'this is the way we want to go'. I want to see, for example, running midfielders supporting Van Persie. I don't see any of this.

"There's plenty of games to play and change it around. But the pressure will be enormous now for Guus because there was criticism for his nomination beforehand.

"Koeman was ready to take over, he was really outspoken, he really wanted to take the job. With all due respect for Hiddink, he's 67 years old, I think he's done, in my eyes.

"Of course he has a great record. His ideas now are old-fashioned. With Koeman he showed with Feyenoord he can really shape [a team] and also he knows the mentality of those young boys, Guus is more of a people manager with an arm around them. But those guys need guidance."

De Boer also commented on major national teams who has been losing matches recently and used Germany`s defeat to Poland as an example.

De Boer continued: "You see Germany also struggling. When you have a good World Cup everyone expects you to walk over these kind of games but that's not the case.

"I've always said if you're five per cent less in giving everything then the gap is almost away. Normally when you give everything you're just a better team and you'll make the difference.

"But if you give five per cent, or even three percent, you'll struggle. And I think that's what's happening with this team."

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