Rooney: Man Utd need to rebuild with younger players.

United great urges Solskjaer to snub marquee signings.

Wayne Rooney has urged Manchester United not to sign superstar players as he reckons it could result in a huge waste of money.

The Red Devils are looking to rebuild their team after failing to qualify for next season's Champions League and they have been linked with numerous stars across the globe.

However, record goalscorer Rooney says his old club should be patient rather than go for a quick and expensive fix.

“For Ole, the first thing he's got to do is try and build the squad. I don't think bringing one or two players in for over £100million is going to really help with the squad and with the players who are there,” Rooney told BBC Five Live's Sportsweek show.

"I think he needs to try and look at maybe five or six players who have got potential to be top players but you're not spending £120-130m on these players.

"I think you're spending £30-40m and then you're trying to improve them, which will also give you longevity out of the players and allow you to build a squad around the five or six new players who come in plus a few of the players who are still there.

"You could bring three players in - you could bring in Ronaldo, Sergio Ramos and [Lionel] Messi, or Gareth Bale for instance - and it's going to cost you £300-350m.

"You'd get maybe two years out of Ronaldo, a couple of years out of Ramos and then you've written that money off.

"The club needs to rebuild with younger players. But obviously they need to be good enough and allow the managers to improve them."

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