Rooney offers condolences for Paris attacks.

England and Manchester United captain Wayne Rooney has offered his condolences to those affected by the Paris attacks.

He offered it ahead of England's game against the French National team on Tuesday. Rooney was speaking at a press conference alongside Roy Hodgson on Monday afternoon.

“First of all, on behalf of the players, we would like to give our condolences,” said Wayne, reports. “It is an incredibly sad time with a lot of people losing their lives. I have team-mates from my club in both teams [France and Germany] and I spoke to them after it happened.

“It is hard for everyone, including ourselves, and we have to be as respectful as we can. There is a football match to play and it will be tough for the French players but I am sure it will be a chance for them to do their country proud. All of the players will have felt that deeply in the last few days and they will give everything they can to make France proud. Likewise, we will represent England and show our respect to France at this time.”

Hodgson also said that all his side can do is to make sure they play the best game possible, despite the tragedy.

“All we can do is to make sure we play the best game possible,” an emotional Hodgson told reporters. “Unfortunately, whichever we think about it, we can’t deny there is something hanging over this game which is far, far greater than a football game and a football result.

“I can’t imagine how this game is going to go and what sort of football will be played, quite simply as I have never been involved in this situation before. I have never played a game four days after a tragedy of this immense proportion. The game is to go ahead, we will prepare and play the best game we can play, but I can’t deny there are other issues at stake that are greater than football.”

Thinkfootballideas Staff

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