Rooney will start and he was never injured says Louis van Gaal.

Manchester United boss Louis van Gaal confirmed his captain Wayne Rooney will play in tomorrow's Manchester derby and said Rooney wasn’t carrying an injury.

"Rooney was not injured, maybe his shoe was too tight, that's possible, but he was not injured," Van Gaal joked at his press conference on Friday.

He blamed the press for promoting the rumour that the England captain was injured after sources said Rooney limped out of a training session earlier in the week.

Rooney comes back after a three-match suspension for the Manchester derby at the Etihad and Louis van Gaal said: "He shall play - he's my captain," said the Dutchman.

"I have heard it also that he has scored a lot of goals against Manchester City - the most of all the clubs - so I said that to him, to stimulate him, but he doesn't need that. I'm very happy that he can play again."

Van Gaal believes his squad are getting better, while hinting Pellegrini's side are under more pressure going into the clash on Sunday.

"We are growing, we are developing ourselves, I think," said van Gaal, "And what we have seen of Manchester City, the last matches were not so good."

The Dutchman denied suggestions about approaching the derby in a different way from other United matches this season.

Louis van Gaal added: "This is one of the 38 games which I have to analyse. I have to prepare for these games in the same manner, it's not different for me. But for the players and the fans, this game is different, that I know."

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