Roy Keane is worried Roberto Martinez is putting 'pressure' on Everton's Irish players.

It's obvious the assistant manager of Republic of Ireland is concerned that his players who play for Everton are being pressurised by the club.

Roy Keane believes they need to clear the air and insists Roberto Martinez needs to understand the likes of James McCarthy, Seamus Coleman and Darron Gibson are vital to the Republic of Ireland.

McCarthy has missed the last three Euro 2016 qualifiers but he is expected to be ready for Saturday's match between the Hammers and Everton.

‘I worry that he (McCarthy) is under lots of pressure, particularly from Everton’s point of view,’ Keane told reporters at a press conference ahead of his team's match against USA on Tuesday

‘Because every time there is an international match it does seem to be Seamus (Coleman) and James (McCarthy) under lots of pressure. They’re turning up or they mightn’t turn up, or they’re struggling,’ he observed.

‘You always get the impression from Everton that Seamus and James are both barely able to walk, that type of thing.

‘So when they actually turn up and they are walking through the reception, “Praise the Lord, it’s a miracle.

The Irishman - who had 67 caps for his country and scored 9 goals- reckons a sit-down conversation would be required with the Everton manager.

‘There has to be, I think, some sort of sit-down conversation and say, “Listen, I think Martin’s been more than good enough here, particularly the friendlies but these are big qualifying matches now,” Keane added.

‘Roberto Martinez has to look after his club and he is probably thinking they have European games.

‘Roberto, I don’t think, has ever played senior level at international level and maybe he doesn’t appreciate how big it is for us and how big the games are for us.’

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